Almost Done!

Hello Claw-tropicans! Before I tell you the blog news I wanted to show you a sneek peek:


It Moves: Only took a week.

It is a rat from the upcoming island ”Crisis Caverns”! Thank goodness we are having sneek peeks once again!

The other news is an advertisement! As you log in, you’ll get two new items! They are CRAZY but you should check them out yourself!

Here they are:

The first one is a follower and the other one a super hero costume. The craziest ad I ever seen! But I like them! I really want that pizza, by the way! 😛

So now the blog news:

I am almost done this the ”Under Construction” thingy but remember the blog is still under construction! Of course you saw a few updates and I will try hard to get other things done. Before I sign of I wanna tell you something:


Nevermind guys, I was kidding! Until next time:

-PC out! 😛



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