This blog is…Under Construction…

Hey guys and girls! Purple Claw here with SERIOUS news. You may noticed that I changed the header image of the blog. It is for the best because the previous one was lame. Just look:

  • Before


  • After


I also changed the background and instead of light blue I putted a real Poptropica-themed background:


I added widgets on the right of the next to the posts. I putted categories too! The blog really needed them!

Also, some new pages: ”Island Guides” (which lead you to the PSB’s Guides) and ”Other”.

Well, these aren’t the only updates  because if I want this blog to grow I HAVE to make those. Some of the upcoming updates will be:

  1. More dropped down pages under ”Other”,
  2. A segment,
  3. More fully information of me and this blog on the ”About” page,
  4. A discord chat,
  5. And more to come!

If this month you don’t see many posts it will be because of those updates. So the blog is under construction:


Well that was all I had to say! See ya!

-PC out!

P.S.: My friend Ripley wanted to continue the dialogue  between me and Dr.Hare and I will BUT in a few days! 😉



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