Dr. Hare Has The Map!


Dr. Hare has finally the map on his hands! He is gonna rule Poptropica!!!! Let’s see what he has to say:

Me: Doctor Hare, is it true that you have the Poptropica’s map?

Dr.Hare: Yes. And with it I shall…

Me: Let me guess – Rule Poptropica?

Dr.Hare: No! I’m reformed! Remember?

Me: Then why do you need the map?

Dr.Hare: To travel to the islands, find problems and save the day! Explore, Collect, Compete! No one has never thought of that!

Me: Umm, someone has already invented that!

Dr.Hare: Nooooo! Who did?

Me: The Poptropica Creators of course!

Dr.Hare: I will find you Poptropica Creators! And when I do, NO ONE CAN SAVE YOU!!!

Me: But YOU are a creator!

Dr.Hare: Am I?

Me: Yup!

Dr.Hare: Oh. Sooo, the brand-new map is now on the app! There are carrot, I mean progress bars and all that cool stuff the new map has! Don’t have the app? DOWNLOAD IT before I blast you! Goodbye!


Me: Oh my…And by the way, Dr.Hare I DON’T have the APP! What are you gonna do?

Dr.Hare: No more carrots for you then! And where did I hide my bazooka?

So yeah…The app met the map just like Captain Crawfish said! Anyway not so great news for me…I mean no NEWS for me at all! I don’t have the app. I don’t NEED the app. Pop is better on the web. Well, bye!


P.S.: Happy June everyone! 😀


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