PCJ Is Dead!

So yeah…I can’t continue the PCJ…It is very hard work…I am so sorry…

I would like to thank Tall Cactus, Mighty Gamer, Comical Mosquito and especially Bronze Wolf.

Anyway here is the PCJ prologue that  me and Bronze Wolf came up with :


Purple Claw’s Journey : Prologue

Behind every culture lies a story.

Is the story told? Read? Even cared about? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

But there is always a legend, a myth, a tale. Anywhere you go, anywhere you live.

There is always a story.


These words are spoken to all who listen. Rich or poor, seen or heard.This is the tale of an endless kingdom, an eternal stretch of isles across a plane of the universe yet to be discovered.

This is the story of Poptropica.


Long ago, before the first bare foot of a Poptropican trampled the island grounds, there were gods. Gods of the sea, of death, of song, of war. They go by ten thousand names. Amun. Nuada. Yuhuang. But you may know him, them, her- it- as Zeus, Lord of Creation. It was he who was first to witness the birth of the first Poptropicans. He was not impressed. He and his mad daughter, Eris, set to work to separate the islands.


Separated not only by sea, but by time. Paleolithic families split apart over the course of time travel- a brother a medieval serf, a sister a pirate’s wench. But his worst, most sick joke he did in a drunken fit of mischief. He named them- each and every one. And so it was.


To this day, each Poptropican that is born is named by the gods. Eventually losing creativity, Zeus chose each name as a random, cruel adjective followed by a meaningless, humiliating noun. “Purple Clown”, “Slippery Zebra”. Most stayed with their bestowed names in fear. Some families would name their children after the ceremony- Jacob, Christopher, Simon. Names we call “common” here in our world. Others would change their names later on in life. Some were different. Estranged from the rest of Poptropica with a “normal” name, they would take on a Poptropican name so as to go undercover. And so it was.


But the ancient writings hold fast that Zeus has done worse things. In his recent years, many say the gods have grown bored. Zeus once again took charge. For years he followed a single human, a girl. He came to those surrounding her in a form of whispers, of cruel thoughts. The child became burdened with their hate, their pain- and so it became hers.

He shaped her agony into a solid figure, a shape, an object, a totem, and in dreams nestled it snug into her consciousness. He got the result he wanted, for it is still said today that she broke. Tears shone from the first villain’s eyes, and the island was ripped from existence to spare them her pain. It is still rumoured today that one island, one time is gone. It cannot be found, and it is no more, as the torment that controlled her destroyed everything the girl had loved. Her name is not known, but of the number of men, women, and monsters controlled by a totem there is no count. These are the tyrants, the rebels, the thieves- the villains. And so it was.


The fear of the peoples of Poptropica increased. There was no longer only one threat, and their fears had multiplied with their totems. Year after year they emerged one by one- the Binary Bard, Doctor Hare, Octavian. All for Zeus’ plan- and the gods’ entertainment.

The Poptropicans rebelled for centuries. Rising against Zeus, offerings stop coming. New gods arose- Thor, Daghda, Quetzalcoatl. Losing the war, the gods knew what they had to do. They allowed themselves to be pushed back and resign over a single island, but all of Poptropica must forget their old gods. Many were reluctant, but eventually the pact was sealed. The old gods were resigned to one island: Mythology Island, for their existence was but a myth to the rest of the world. All the other islanders away from Mythology near forgot they existed except for in their books, but Poptropica continued with each to a different timeline, mostly oblivious to the mortal coils surrounding them- for now, and for then. And so it was.


But our tale does not follow the history of these islands. Over the course of years many were born knowing of the world outside, and the barriers of times. These were the ones who knew how to fix their problems, and those of the innocent around them. These were the heroes. Our tale follows the journey of five young heroes whose destinies were intertwined. As you turn the pages or read aloud to your folk and your kind, remember this:

This is your fate.

This is your legend.

This is your story.

And so it was.

Created By : Purple Claw, Bronze Wolf

Super Cool Editing by : Bronze Wolf

-PC out!


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